“Gut Genug” music video by JIL CLESSE

The Luxembourg-based singer, actress, and musical performer JIL CLESSE will release her first song “Gut Genug” on YouTube tomorrow, in which she tells of a relationship, with its ups and downs, that is ruined by addictive substances. “Ich bin GUT GENUG für mich (I am GOOD ENOUGH for me)” are the words, accompanied by an […]

“Try To”…

Here I lie. In a hospital bed, staring at the ceiling. I’m in the basement of a hospital, or rather, in a dilapidated room with green light tiles on the walls, directly adjacent to the hospital morgue. This part has to be cooled all the time, so as I’m wearing a nightgown I’m feeling a […]

Short film “Vagabond”

Synopsis / Content: Without a plan and without a goal, he wanders through the city and finds himself in a bar among other like-minded people. Now everything is colourful. But as soon as the morning dawns, the night no longer shines. Alongside Valentin Postlmayr Lukas), Anna Suk (Jule), Lisa Furtner (Jessi) and Benjamin Kornfeld (Franz), […]

“Habsburg und die Bundesländer” on ORF 3

Today the first of four parts of „Habsburg und die Bundesländer“ (“Habsburg and the Federal States”) begins on ORF 3. When developing this documentary, the director Harald Staudach had envisioned me as Hans-Ulrich von Eggenberg. Of course I saw no other option but to accept my fate and took the role 😉 Our chess-playing scene […]

Music video “Come Over” by CAROLEENA

On September 30, 2019, Austrian soul singer CAROLEENA made her music video debut with “Come Over”, in which I was able to play the supporting role of “Flynn”. The song “Come Over” comes from her first album „Yearning Soul“ and can be found on Spotify. The video was shot at MÖBELDEPOT Vienna. Synopsis / Content: […]

To a new one! Renewed: “Karl MayBe. – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse”

Since all of the tickets for this piece were sold last year and additional performances were added, Managing Director and Director Bruno Max decided to renew„Karl MayBe. – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse“ (“Karl MayBe. – With Butterfly Hand and a Silver Rifle”). Once again, 58 actors spread across 24 stations in the 930-metre-long tunnel system […]

Music video MY UGLY CLEMENTINE “Never Be Yours”

The first single and accompanying music video from MY UGLY CLEMENTINE are on the market. “Never Be Yours” is the name of the track from four Austrian singers that you may already know from bands like LEYYA, SCHMIEDS PULS and KEROSIN95. Most of whom are found on the INK MUSIC label. By […]

Presenting for VORWERK

This weekend I hosted the 5th convention of VORWERK at METASTADT Vienna, which saw the internal release of the new Thermomix TM6. With around 400 guests, it was one of the largest events I’ve been able to be a part of so far. a fire show from PYROTERRA and the dance stylings of MIRROR MAN […]