Collaboration with artist Gerhard Malecik for exhibition DAISYWORLD

Already last year I recorded a text for the artist Gerhard Malecik for his installation “YAMA / Nachiketa“, which can be seen (heard) at the exhibition DAISYWORLD in the historical rooms of the former tableware factory Wilhelmsburg. The main focus of the artist (who specialized in ceramics and founded the artist conglomerate STACHEL together with Erich Heyduck) is on humanity.

“Everything and everyone is connected. The problems of humans are always the same:
– Where I come from
– What do I do
– Where do I go
When there is war in another country, we are also affected.
For me as an artist, the question is always how to represent morality as sculpture. Beautiful or not beautiful is not important here.”

One question remains, however: “What is this exhibition about?”
DAISYWORLD is metamorphic transhumanistic journey to the Daisys, which is spread over the 8 thematic rooms (1. The sphere of breath, 2. the transformation of the Daisys, 3. the paradigm of time, 4. the dream of pious wishes, 5. the tragedy of the empty shirts, 6. the roots of the earth, 7. the spectre of freedom, 8. the platform of the sky) and is based on the Gaia hypothesis of James Lovelock or on the book “The symbiotic planet” of Lynn Margulis.

The exhibition will take place on October 1, 15 and 16, 2022, and again from March 2023 in the historic rooms of the Geschirrfabrik Wilhelmsburg (Färbergasse 11, A – 3150 Wilhelmsburg), which is only a 2-minute walk from the Wilhelmsburg train station.
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