Premiere for “Der beste Kurzfilm aller Zeiten” (“The Best Short Film Ever”) at the 56th Hof International Film Festival

“Everyone is looking for it (the best short film). But no one knows what he looks like”.
This is the slogan of Alexander Peskador‘s short film “Der beste Kurzfilm aller Zeiten“, in which I embody a highly motivated journalist ­čśë
The 12-minute film is about a film festival director (Evelyn Bichlinger) who has only a few hours left until the awards ceremony. Stupidly, however, the short film jury disappeared without a trace, without telling anyone which short film would receive an award. An adventurous quest begins!

“DbKaZ,” which was shot in the summer of 2022, is now premiering at the 56th Hofer International Film Festival and can be seen on the following dates:

Wednesday, 26.10.2022, 22:45, Central 5
Thursday, 27.10.2022, 17:15, Central 2
Saturday, 29.10.2022, 17:45, Regina
Sunday, 30.10.2022, 20:15, Scala 1

For more info on this short film, visit:

Cast: Uschi Nocchieri, Daniel Holzberg, Fiona Ristl, Ferri ¤Ç Tr├╝mmel, Tony Matzl, Marc Weber, David Ketter, Barbara Lehner, Max Konrad, Jana Sophia Nester

Screenplay, Editor & Director: Alexander Peskador
Producer: Mathias Nobis
Co-Producers: Skander Kourgli, Alexander Peskador
Assistant Director: Sebastian Bobik
Set Manager: Jan Belzner
Camera: Ferdinand Koestler
Camera Assistent: Skander Kourgli
Material Assistent: Simon M├╝ck
Set sound: Marita Halb, Elias Maximilian, Florian Poiss
Make Up: Max Konrad, Jana Nester
Catering: Stefanie Fridrik
Color Grading: Bernhard Kiechl
Sound design and mixing: Elias Maximilian
Music: Daniel Roden

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