Tony Matzl was born 1982 in St.Pölten (AT) and grew up in Herzogenburg until he was seven years old. A friend of the family, singer songwriter of children’s songs Paul Sieberer noticed Tony’s talented voice very early on and provided him the opportunity as a five year old to be part of one of his productions. Four years later, Tony became a member of the Vienna Boys Choir and his first four month long tour took him to Japan and Australia at the age of ten. Until 1997 was part of tours to North, Middle, and South America, England, Germany and Switzerland.

Following those exciting years Tony decided to become a car mechanic and worked in this profession until 2009.

In 2007 Tony applied for a summer theater production where he found his passion for acting. During this time he met the austrian director Werner Sobotka who supported him and recommended acting lessons to Tony. While still working as a mechanic Tony spent every free minute between 2007 and 2009 in theater and movie productions and additionally took private acting lessons with Bernhard Murg. One of the most impressive and memorable collaboration to Tony, was the work with director Robert Dornhelm, who directed the movie “La Bohéme” in 2008. Tony worked as Stand-in for Rolando Villazón in this prduction and gained his first experience in front of a camera. However, he didn’t advance his acting carrier only, he was quite active as a singer as well. In 2009 he joined the Favorhythm Gospel Singers and performed solo as Vocalist / MC in several venues be it House, Minimal, Techno.

In 2009 Tony finally decided to apply for the acting academy Elfriede Ott and was immediately accepted for the following term. Tony graduated in 2012. Following his graduation Tony appeared in several movies, TV- series, short films, music videos, theater, summer theater and commercials.


Date of birth: 1982

Place of birth: St.Pölten/Austria

Residence: Vienna

Accommodation possibilities: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney

Height: 5‘11‘‘

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: brown

Figure: slim/sporty (clothes size: 46-48)

Nationality: Austria

Language: German (mother tongue), English (fluently)

Dialects: Viennese, Lower Austrian, Styrian, Carinthian, Bavarian

Accents: french, italian, indian, turkish

Driving licences: car (B), motorcycle (A), truck (C1), truck hanger (C1E)

Chant: barytone (soul, jazz, funk, musical, rock, classical, choir, chanson)

Sport: cycling, swimming, running, horse riding, table tennis, billiard, fencing, bowling

Dance: ballroom dance (basic knowledge)

Various: singer, presenter, speaker, pitchman, synchronizer, voice imitator, DJ

Acting Education:
~ 10.2009 – 06.2012 Schauspielakademie Elfriede Ott
~ 06.2012 Acting degree by the austrian acting parity commision
~ 2012 Screen Acting Masterclass “The naked face” with David Penn
~ 2014 Casting workshop with casting director Eva Roth
~ 2015 Casting workshop with casting director Nicole Schmied
~ 2016 Casting workshop with casting director Rita Waszilovics and Grazyna Dyla

Singing education:
~ 1993 – 1997 Vienna Boys Choir
~ 2013 private singing lessons with René Rumpold and Romana Carén
~ 2016 – 2017 private singing lessons with CVT vocal coach Monika Ballwein

2022, „Dinner für Acht“
Role: Max
Director: Bernhard Ratka
Production: Amazing Austria Entertainment, Digifilm

2017, “Anna Fucking Molnar”
Role: Soldier in „Der Reigen“ (Arthur Schnitzler)
Director: Sabine Derflinger
Production: Film AG Produktions GmbH, Witcraft, MR Film

2011, “Spanien”
Role: Mobile seller (Handyverkäufer)
Director: Anja Salomonowitz
Production: DOR Film

2009, “Blutsfreundschaft”
Role: Hustler (Strichjunge)
Director: Peter Kern
Production: Novotny & Novotny

2008, “La Bohéme”
Role: Stand-in for Rolando Villazón
Director: Robert Dornhelm
Production: MR Film, Unitel, Classica, ORF, ZDF

2021, „Todesurteil – Nemez und Sneijder ermitteln”
Role: Erik
Director: Christopher Schier
Broadcaster: Sat. 1
Production: Constantin Television, Epo-Film

2020, „Universum History”
Die Salz Saga: Hallstatt und das weiße Gold
Role: Damianos
Director: Katharina Heigl
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Degn Film GmbH

2019, „Habsburg und die Bundesländer“
Episode 2
Role: Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg
Director: Harald Staudach
Broadcaster: ORF 3
Production: Neulandfilm & Medien GmbH

2018, “Universum History”
Unser Österreich, Wien: Geschichte aus der Vorstadt
Role: Peter Erdheim
Director: Katharina Heigl
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Satel Film

2016, “Soko Donau”
Episode 156 – Tigran der Unsichtbare
Role: Prison Officer (Justizwachebeamter)
Director: Erhard Riedelsperger
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Satel Film

2015, “Tatort”
Episode 950 – Gier
Role: Factory employee (Labormitarbeiter)
Director: Robert Dornhelm
Broadcaster: ORF/ARD
Production: e&a film

2014, “Copstories”
Episode 26 – Hin und her
Role: Lawyer/Ork (Anwalt / Ork)
Director: Umut Dag
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Gebhardt Productions

2012, “Piratenfunk Franz Ferdinand”
Episode 49 – Weltrekordversuch
Role: World record taker (Weltrekordabnehmer)
Director: Irfan Rehman
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: Tower 10 Kids TV

2011, “Schnell Ermittelt”
Episode 32 – Jonas Wultz
Role: Policeman (Polizist)
Director: Andreas Kopriva
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: MR Film

2011, “Die Abstauber”
Role: Security Guard (Security)
Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Broadcaster: ORF
Production: MR Film

2022, „Der beste Kurzfilm aller Zeiten“
Role: Television Journalist
Director: Alexander Peskador
Production: Mathias Nobis (KiNo Productions)

2022, „Wandering Eyes“
Role: Max
Director: Skander Kourgli
Production: Filmakademie Wien

2021, „Vienna 2020“
Episode 7 – Der Fluch 
Role: Norbert
Director: Richard Horn
Production: Richard Horn, Valentin Frantsits

2020, „Cells“
Role: Eric
Director: Jennifer Gartler
Production: Velon Visuals

2020, „The inner child“
Role: Hunter
Director: Antonio La Regina
Production: Jesse Schwarz, Antonio La Regina

2020, “Try To”
Role: John
Director: Luca Werner-Tutschku
Production: Natalia Brezwan, Daniel Leskowschek

2019, “Vagabond”
Role: Barkeeper
Director: Dominik Brauweiler
Production: Philipp Grandits

2019, „Das Probespiel / The Audition“
Role: Tamas
Director: Guy Lichtenstein
Production: Filmakademie Wien

2019, “Neubeginn”
Role: Peter
Director: Alexander Peskador
Production: Alexander Peskador, Ferdinand Koestler

2018, “Baby On Board”
Role: Schmitti
Director: Alexander Schinzel
Production: Alexander Schinzel

2018, “Alpha Bravo Cheese”
Role: Indian Investor
Director: Laurent Fischer-See
Production: Indivisualz Filmproduction

2017, “Wolfman Solutions”
Season 2, Episode 3 “Schnitzeljagd”
Role: Receiver #1 (Hehler #1)
Director: Manuel Sefciuc
Production: Wolfman Productions

2017, “Bebo sucht das Glück”
Season 3 „Bebositting“
Role: Herr Biedermann
Director: Irfan Rehman
Production: Irfan Rehman, Paul Koch

2017, “1000 und eine Welt”
Role: Jakob
Director: Verena Mühling
Production: Verena Mühling

2016, “Hercules”
Role: Pascal
Director: Florian Krischke
Production: Philipp Uhl – Florian Krischke

2016, “Funny Fawkes”
Role: Kidnapper #1
Director: Laurent Fischer-See
Production: Indivisualz Filmproduction

2014, “Wolfman Solutions”
Season 1, Episode 4 “Leichtathletik Wettbewerb”
Role: Grandson (Enkelsohn / s´Enkerl)
Director: Konstantin Seebacher
Production: Wolfman Productions

2014, “Die Ankunft”
Role: Priest (Pfarrer)
Director: Silvio Lenglachner
Production: SAE Wien

2013, “Beyond Stories”
Role: Horatio, Man
Director: Clara Wolf
Production: Clara Wolf – Janine Koth

2013, „Crazy Ex“
Role: Sascha
Director: Felix Wech
Production: WB Productions

2012, „Alles immer jetzt“
Role: Markus
Director: Helena Herb
Production: Helena Herb

2012, „Erdbeereis mit Marzipan“
Role: Father (Vater)
Director: Jessica Packert
Production: Jessica Packert

2011, “Where the wild roses grow”
Role: Leon
Director: Romana Caren
Production: WHAT ART Creative Productions

2010, “Rosebud”
Role: Michael Henderson
Director: Marco Di Lorenzo
Production: Production for the Freitagsrunde

2021, „One Year From Now
Artist: MR-9
Role: Gegenwart (present)
Director: Chiara Schreder

2020, „Was wäre wenn
Artist: K.O. Pilot
Role: boyfriend
Director: Fabian Rausch

2020, „Gut Genug
Artist: Jil Clesse
Role: boyfriend
Director: Lawrence Karla

2019, „Come Over
Artist: Caroleena
Role: Flynn
Director: Jennifer Bliem

2019, „Never Be Yours
Artists: My Ugly Clementine
Role: desk clerk, guy at the record store
Director: Christian Fischer, Sophie Lindinger

2014, „As Sure As Sunrise
Artist: Logistics
Role: Main character
Director: Lauren Klocker, Georg Goldarbeiter

2013, „Stronger
Artist: NDS vs. Tom E. feat. Ella
Role: boyfriend
Director: Tom E.

2013, „Downtown Stoned
Artist: Kiss Me Yesterday
Role: brother in law
Director: Clara Wolf

2021, „The three musketeers“
(Alexandre Dumas, Version: Bruno Max)
Role: Aramis
Director: Bruno Max
Venue: Hyrtlplatz Mödling

2019, „Karl MayBe. – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse“
(Bruno Max)
Role: Winnetou
Director: Bruno Max
Venue: Theater im Bunker Mödling

2018, „Karl MayBe. – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse“
(Bruno Max)
Role: Winnetou
Director: Bruno Max
Venue: Theater im Bunker Mödling

2016, „The Story of Sorry“
(Michael Schuberth)
Role: Hero
Director: Michael Schuberth
Venue: Theater Spielraum

2015, „The Story of Sorry“
(Michael Schuberth)
Role: Hero
Director: Michael Schuberth
Venue: Festival der Weiblichkeit

2014, “Shakespeare in love”
(Marc Norman, Tom Stoppard)
Role: Hugh Fennyman
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Summer theater Mödling

2013, “The three musketeers”
(Alexandre Dumas)
Role: Jussac
Director: Anselm Lipgens
Venue: Kulturszene Kottingbrunn

2013, “All is well that ends well”
(William Shakespeare)
Role: Bertram
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Summer theater Mödling

2013, “An enemy of the people”
(Henrik Ibsen)
Role: Billing
Director: Gerhard Werdeker
Venue: Theater Spielraum

2012, “Jura Soyfer Revue – The end of the world”
Role: Comet Konrad, Jura Soyfer, Edi Lechner, Radiosef Huber
Director: Andreas Kosek
Venue: Cracow, Vrsac, Vienna

2012, “Klimt (Aber nicht nur!)”
Scenes by Arthur Schnitzler for pictures by Gustav Klimt
Role: Anatol (Anatol), He (Halbzwei)
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Stadtgalerie Mödling

2012, “A midsummer night’s dream”
(William Shakespeare)
Role: Demetrius
Director: Nicole Fendesack
Venue: Summer theater Mödling

2010, “Ups and downs”
(Johann Nestroy)
Roles: Wilm, Clerk of Court, Guard, Cousin Wachsweich, Courier rider
Director: Elfriede Ott
Venue: Summer theater Maria Enzersdorf



© Fabian Steppan
© Fabian Steppan


1000 und eine Welt

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Universum History "Unser Österreich, Wien: Geschichte aus der Vorstadt"

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1000 und eine Welt

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Wolfman Solutions "Schnitzeljagd"

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Copstories "Hin und her"

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Die drei Musketiere

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