The new SPARK 7 commercial is online

Already a year ago, the first spot for the youth account SPARK 7 (Erste Bank / Sparkasse) was shot with me, in which I imitated various memes and also faced the hottest TikTok challenges in other small videos (assets).

Since the campaign was so well received, I was now asked again for another spot and of course could not say no, because I found the concept and the idea (as already in the previous spot) so funny and I just celebrate and love it ☺️
Therefore: Many many thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Erste Bank / Sparkasse – SPARK 7 (Simone Huprich) and the agency Jung von Matt Donau (Jennifer Spanring, Johanna Philipp, Kristina Miac, Franziska Brunner, Katharina Höller, Michael Morgenbesser) for your trust! 🙏🏻

By the way, it was shot near Hamburg in Woodland Studios with the terrific team from Virus / Markenfilm Crossing GmbH (thank you guys for the great time in Hamburg and the cooperation!!!) and the oldest raccoon in Germany (about 15 years old).

Ahja, last but not least…
At the following link you can watch the spot on YouTube (the short assets are suggested afterwards):

Client: Erste Bank / SparkasseSPARK 7
Agency: Jung von Matt Donau
Production: Virus / Markenfilm Crossing GmbH
Director / DoP: Robert Maciejewski
Director / DoP: Anton Schenk
Executive Producer: Robert Leisewitz
Producer: Denis Hercog
Assistant Producer: Jeannine Rauchmann
1st AD: Alan Finaly
2nd AD: Fritz v. d. Heydt
Recording director: Tobias Faust
1st AC: Mathis Giebeler
2nd AC: Benedict Meyer zu Strohe
DIT: Flemming Becker
VTR: Alexander Stoldt
Sound: Thomas Keller
Speaker Assets: Maddalena Neomi Hirschal
Key Grip: Luigi de Luca
Gaffer: Dyrk Lohrmann
Best Boy: David Vogt, Uwe Albarus
Light assistance: Tom Carlo Schlieper
Styling: Michaela Hilchenbach
Styling assistance: Antonia Evers
Construction platform: Andreas Kleinmann, Jan Simon
Set designer: Maximilian Hirsch
Set assistance: Katharina Schweizer, Barbara Fröhlich
Make Up: Lisa Neumann
Photographer: Daniel Chassien
Digital assistance: Mijoe Cvijetic
Runner photo: Richard Schoett
VFX Supervisor: Alena Salgueiro
RAM: Kira Schwarz
Runner: Erdogan Koc, Anika Lamade, Nestor Hilchenbach
Catering: Movie Mampf

Cast: Tony Matzl, Anamarie G., Ismail C.

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