“Dinner for Eight” is in theaters soon!

Soon it is so far, because from 29.04.2022 the film “Dinner for Eight” is to be seen in almost all Austrian cinemas.
As the title already reveals, it’s about a dinner for which a few friends meet and come across the current topic of “cell phone espionage”. Whether the evening will still end well for everyone, you will then see in the cinemas 😉
But what I can reveal in advance is that I, as “Max”, will turn the head of the main actress Katharina Scheuba (Sophie) a bit (and NO, I am not the murderer!).

Screenplay: Ruth C. Kopinitsch
Production: Digifilm Filmproduktion, Amazing Austria Entertainment, Bernhard Ratka, Philipp Ruzicka, Lisa Achammer
Director: Bernhard Ratka
Assistant director: Yevheniy Kapitula
Camera: Thomas Loacker
Assistant camera: Lukas Wesely
Steadycam: Philipp Habenicht
Light: Rowin Höfer
Sound and music: Tobias Alexander Ratka
Make Up: Katja Pulmann

Cast: Katharina Scheuba, Samuel Tehrani, Ylva Maj, Angelo Konzett, Nina Hafner, Patrick Laub, Igor Karbus, Elena Platon, Lara Neversal, Stefan Rager and many more

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