“Try To”…

Here I lie.
In a hospital bed, staring at the ceiling.
I’m in the basement of a hospital, or rather, in a dilapidated room with green light tiles on the walls, directly adjacent to the hospital morgue.
This part has to be cooled all the time,
so as I’m wearing a nightgown I’m feeling a little bit chilly.
Every now and again, the smell of corpses blows past my nose.
No, this isn’t the introduction to a short film, but real life.

The casting for Luca Werner-Tutschku’s first short film took place in Vienna in mid-September 2018.
At that time, we didn’t yet know what sort of trip we would embark on, because the shoot was originally scheduled for mid-October of that year.
After a schedule conflict, it was finally possible to shoot the first part of the short film at the LKH Leoben in January 2019.
(as already mentioned, right next to the morgue in the basement).
We were able to use part of this hospital for a week without restriction.
After this productive time, however, we found ourselves at a standstill due to new problems arising.
The production ran out of money.
Weeks and months passed.
Half a year later, I received a call from Luca.
“I have good news and bad news” he said.
“The good news: We have the money.
The bad news: The location for the second half of the shoot has been sold.”
More months passed before we discovered that the person responsible for he sold second location, the LKH Eisenerz, was the same: D. med. iniv. Thomas Wegscheider.
Finally we were able to make a new appointment and shoot the last scenes in the Simulation Hospital / SIM Campus Eisenerz (formerly LKH Eisenerz) in January 2020.
The short film is currently completed and will be screened at various film festivals.

After almost two years, I look back on this time with a smile on my face and am grateful for every single second that I was able to spend with all of the wonderful people on the set.
Everyone did their best and sacrificed many hours of sleep.
Thanks to each and every one of you for your commitment and the top performances that were given . You were and still are great!
However, this wouldn’t have been possible without Prim. Dr. Heinrich Leskowschek and his team from LKH Leoben, as well as the mayor of Eisenerz, Christine Holzweber and
of course, Dr. med. univ. Thomas Wegscheider from the Simulation Hospital / SIM Campus Eisenerz, who kindly provided the whole Simulation Hospital to us and helped us whenever possible.
Many thanks to ALL of you!!!
The biggest thanks goes to Luca.
You have given me your trust and given me the opportunity to develop myself further with your particular vision and direction.
Thank you my friend!

News article : Kleine Zeitung from Januray 11, 2020

Cast: Tony Matzl, Johanna Meyer, Maximilian Brezwan, Tobias Candido, Blazej Sporys, Bophelo Wieltschnig

Production: Natalia Brezwan & Daniel Leskowschek
Production assistent: Olivia Kunicki
Script & Director: Luca Werner-Tutschku
Camera: Bianca Bauer & Valentin Bernauer
Camera assistent & Steadicam: David Lagger
Sound: Jan Lesjak & Roland Köstler
Assistant director: Burkhard Riedl
Continuity: Claudia Binder & Lisa Traußnigg
Gaffer: Jakob Grill
Best boy (girl): Lisa Milkovits & Manuel Leitner
Property manager & Costume: Jennifer Bliem
Make-Up: Destiny Kismet & Birgit Strobl

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