“Gut Genug” music video by JIL CLESSE

The Luxembourg-based singer, actress, and musical performer JIL CLESSE will release her first song “Gut Genug” on YouTube tomorrow, in which she tells of a relationship, with its ups and downs, that is ruined by addictive substances.
“Ich bin GUT GENUG für mich (I am GOOD ENOUGH for me)” are the words, accompanied by an uplifting melody, with which Jil asks to break free from unhealthy relationships (both private and professional) in order to be able to breathe and live again.
It is an appeal for a positive change in the future.

Speaking of the future:
You’ll be able to find the song on all streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon Music.
It’s probably best to add it to your favourite playlist right away. 😉

Special thanks to Lawrence Karla, head of the LENZELOT team,
who brought me on board for the role of “Jil’s boyfriend” and to whom I owe it that I was able to be part of this project.
He not only directed the video, but also produced the track and will finalize Jil’s first album.
The moving visuals are thanks to Phillip Bauer (camera).

Music and Lyrics: Jil Clesse
Arrangement: Stephan Ohm
Production: Lenzelot Productions
Director / Music / Editor: Lawrence Karla
DoP / Light: Phillip Bauer
Video Edit: Martin Hauser

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