UNIVERSUM HISTORY “Die Salz – Saga: Hallstatt und das weiße Gold” (UNIVERSUM HISTORY “The salt saga: Hallstatt and the white gold”)

At the beginning of this year, I was overcome with joy when director Katharina Heigl contacted me and asked if I had the time and inclination to take on a role in another episode of the documentary series “Universum History”, one in which I would also ride a horse.
Since I appreciate her both professionally and personally due to her work and her warm approach on set, I immediately agreed and could not wait to be able to work with her again!
The shoot was originally scheduled for April, but due to Covid, it was ultimately postponed to June.
It was more or less a blessing in disguise, since I was able to use the time to ask a childhood friend (Tanja Lugert), who owns a riding stable, to give me private riding lessons, meaning I was well prepared for the role and felt safe in the saddle.

But what exactly is the documentary about?
As with every episode of the Universum History series, it is about the creation of a place or city and tells the story of a family. This episode is about the world-famous Hallstatt, where the Slovenian woman Soi (Fanny Krausz)
and her attendants ride to meet and marry the son (Matthias Franz Stein) of the “Salt Princess” (Maria Hofstätter), solidifying a trade alliance.
As an attendant and the brother of Soi, I was able to portray Damianos in front of Carmen Treichl‘s camera and experience this wonderful shoot in a breathtaking setting.

Finally, I would like to thank Tanja Lugert for the hard and instructive hours. What would I have done without you?!
Thanks also to Johannes Fischnaller (from Horseback Archery), who gave us last-minute riding tips and tricks and was there to lend a helping hand with his horses.
At this point, I must also mention a gentleman who lives and breaths archeology, particularly in Hallstatt.
During a visit to the natural history museum, Hans Reschreiter had us mesmerised and one could imagine exactly how people behaved, moved, and what they ate in the past.
Thank you very much for taking your time and enthusiastically giving us so much important information!
And of course: A heartfelt thank you to the production department and the entire team!!!

UNIVERSUM HISTORY “Die Salz – Saga: Hallstatt und das weiße Gold” willl run on October 27th at 21:05 on the austrian TV channel ORF 2 (rerun will be on the 28th at 11:05 on ORF 2).

Cast: Maria Hofstätter, Fanny Krausz, Miriam Janhsen, Matthias Franz Stein, Tony Matzl, Irakli Huber, Thomas Griesmeier

Broadcaster: ORF, Arte, BR
Production: Degn Film
Editor: Caroline Haidacher
Unit Manager: Reinhard (Reini) Weißensteiner
Set Manager: Agnes Pachucki
Script: Susanne Utzt
Director: Katharina Heigl
Camera: Carmen Treichl
Assistant Director: Kerstin Pollmann
Film Editor: Lisa Mörtelmayr
Sound: Martin Rohrmoser
Production Design: Uta Wiegele
Make – Up: Sonja Aigner, Gerda Pichler
Costume: Cinzia Cioffi, Markus Kuscher

Photo: Anita Dobes

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