Short film “Vagabond”

Synopsis / Content:
Without a plan and without a goal, he wanders through the city and finds himself in a bar among other like-minded people. Now everything is colourful. But as soon as the morning dawns, the night no longer shines.

Alongside Valentin Postlmayr Lukas), Anna Suk (Jule), Lisa Furtner (Jessi) and Benjamin Kornfeld (Franz), I was able to portray the role of the bartender.

Valentin Postlmayr, Anna Suk, Benjamin Kornfeld, Lisa Furtner, Tony Matzl, Jeremy Miliker, Christian Dungl and Adele Neuhauser as pharmacist

Production: Philipp L. Grandits
Script: Andreas Schiessler & Dominik C. Brauweiler
Director: Dominik C. Brauweiler
Camera: Hanna Hofstätter
Gaffer: Lukas Kalthuber
Production design: Veronika Tupy & Eszter Gulyás
Costume: Veronika Harb
Make – Up: Nina Borde & Ken Fleck
Sound: Jón F. Geirfinnsson & Ines Vorreiter
VFX: Stefan Polasek
Cutter: László Váncsa
Sound design: Pit Kaufmann

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