“Karl MayBe. – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse” – The story about Karl May

Upon hearing the name Karl May, images the Wild West and stories of “Winnetou and Old Shatterhand” immediatly come to mind.
But who was this person who hid in part behind countless pseudonyms such as “Karl Hohenthal” or “Captain Roman Diaz de la Escosura” and left us with all of these wonderful stories?

„Karl MayBe. – Mit Schmetterhand und Silberbüchse“ (KarlMayBe. – With a Butterfly Hand and a Silver Rifle”) is a play, or rather: promenade theatre, where the life of Karl May is performed over 24 stations in a 930 meter long air raid shelter, kept at a constant 10 degrees Celsius.
From childhood to old age, you can experience May’s career up close in small groups, which is performed by 58 actors, 12 times per performace evening.
The idea for this piece comes from Managing Director and Director Bruno Max, who brought the air raid shelter to life in 1999 and has been reviving this Bunker with lots of love and new stories year after year.
(Thanks Bruno for this great experience and the commitment!)

Premiere: August 12, 2018
Presentation dates: August 06 – September 02, 2018 every Thursday – Sunday
(Attention: staggered start times from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
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Concept and Director: Bruno Max
Set design: Marcus Ganser
Costume: Alexandra Fitzinger
Make – Up: Gerda Fischer
Music: Fritz Rainer
Photo: Bettina Frenzel

The Ensemble:
RRemi Brandner (Old Karl May)
Gabriela Campos Goyenaga (Leper/Extra)
David Czifer (Rudolf Lebius)
Gerald Deimbacher (Prisoner/Extra)
Emre Dogan (Sahjid)
Manuel Dragan (Editor)
Robert Elsinger (Young man from Braunau)
Bernie Feit (Hadschi Halef Omar)
Valentin Frantsits (Kara Ben Nemsi)
Clemens Fröschl (Karl May Fan)
Peter Fuchs (Sam Hawkins)
Vanja Fuchs (Weaver/Extra)
Tino Führer (Guide)
Valentin Ivanov (Leper/Extra)
Elke Hagen (Emma)
Franz Hofirek (Prisoner/Extra)
Eszter Hollósi (Klara)
Tobias Hornik – Steppan (Younger Fan/Extra)
Muren Ismail (Old Native American/Extra)
Bernhardt Jammernegg (Leper/Extra)
Christian Kainradl (Middle-aged Karl May)
Karl Maria Kinsky (Publisher)
Hermann J. Kogler (Old Karl May)
Emil Kohlmayr (Younger Karl May)
Florian Lebek (Dr. Bernstein)
Wolfgang Lesky (Old Shatterhand)
Lotte Loebenstein (Bertha von Suttner)
Sam Madwar (Rudolf Lebius)
Regis Mainka (Father of Karl May)
Thomas Marchart (Younger Karl May)
Claudia Marold (Cloakroom woman)
Tony Matzl (Winnetou)
Bruno Max (Judge/Older Karl May)
Mark Mayr (Winnetou)
Bernadette Mold (Weaver/Extra)
Robert Notsch (Karl May Vater)
Emil Pristolic (Kleiner Karl May)
Flora Pristolic (Kind im Orient/Statistin)
Christoph Prückner (Mittlerer Karl May)
Stanislaus Radtke (Seminarist/Statist)
Katrin Reisinger (Emma)
Christine Renhardt (Bertha von Suttner)
Teresa Renner (Ms. Fehsenfeld)
Oliver Roitinger (Big Wolf)
Anna Sagaischek (Circus performer/Native American)
Christina Saginth (Klara)
Ralph Saml (First Constable)
Regina Schebrak (Weaver)
Michael Schefts (Older Karl May)
Antonia Schiller (Weaver/Extra)
Sebastian Schiller (Seminary student/Extra)
Mario Schober (Judge)
Florian-Raphael Schwarz (Egon Erwin Kisch)
Klaus Schwarz (Attorney from Lebius)
Lukas Sinabell (Seminary student/Extra)
Bettina Soriat Bettina (Klara)
Max Spielmann (Big Wolf)
Leonard Srajer (Young Man from Braunau)
Jörg Stelling (Headteacher)
Hans Steunzer (Lecture attendee)
Maksymilian Suwiczak (Secound Constable)
Dirk Warme (Middle-aged Karl May)
Franz Weichenberger (Judge)
Irene-Marie Weimann (Editor)

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