Short film “Das Probespiel / The Audition”

It is just past noon.
The sky is clear.
The sun shines over the baroque round hall of the Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna.
The temperature is high.
If we had one wish, it would be air conditioning.
Not only is the entire film team sweating due to the time pressure and the high heat, but also Daniel Auner, who hardly takes his eyes off the thermostat in his violin case, which contains a 1-million-Euro violin.
Daniel plays the quartet’s first violin in this wonderful short film by Guy Lichtenstein.
Although it is almost unbearable to have to sit here in a suit, I am infinitely grateful since I was able to learn how to handle a violin (thanks to Barbara Auner) and thus take on the role of “Tamás” (second violin).

Synopsis / Content:
Das Probespiel / The Audition from Guy Lichtenstein tells the story of Sarah (Cécil Grüebler), a very talented cellist who makes a living playing private events with a string quartet. While working at a wedding, she runs into her ex-boyfriend Jürgen (Niklas Leifert).
He is the groom.
Unseen by the groom, Sarah takes the viewer along as she reminisces about their past together.
A film about personal and career decisions as told through flashbacks.


Cécile Grüebler, Niklas Leifert, Swintha Gersthofer, Cornelia Köndgen, Barbara Spitz,
Daniel Auner, Tony Matzl, Jakob Suchentrunk, Stefan Loibner, and many more


Director / Script: Guy Lichtenstein

Screenplay Editor: Andreas Schiessler

Camera: Caroline Bobek

Production: Lukas Rosatti

Editor: Alexander Rauscher

Sound: Benedikt Palier & Jón H. Geirfinnsson

Assistant Director: Anastasia Skavinskaia

Set Manager: Shoshana Rae Stark

Gaffer: Felix Pochlatko

Set Design: Sandra Sieczkowski

Wardrobe: Veronika Harb

Make-Up: Attallah Salwa


Poster by Esther Pruckner



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