Wolfman Solutions Season 2

The premiere of the second season of WOLFMAN SOLUTIONS took place on March the 5th, 2018 at the Kulturszene Kottingbrunn in Lower Austria. Since 2013, WOLFgang Rauh and MANuel Sefciuc (WOLFMAN) have been working together on the ten miniseries, which they both wrote the scripts for and financed out of their own pockets. I was able to make a small contribution in Season 1 – Episode 4 and Season 2 – Episode 3.

The impressive output of the Austrian “Bud Spencer and Terence Hill”, “Kottan Detected”, and “Starsky and Hutch” is now available on DVD at: www.wolf-man.at

For further seasons, or maybe even a movie, finding producers is key.

Director: Manuel Sefciuc
Director of photography: Konstantin Seebacher
Screenplay: Wolfgang Rauh und Manuel Sefciuc
Cast: Wolfgang Rauh, Manuel Sefciuc, Simone Fröhlich, Christopher Seiler, Bernhard Speer, Gabriele Gold, Tony Matzl, Benedikt Paulun, Franziska Hetzel, Reinhold Moritz, Gerald Walsberger, Anselm Lipgens, Reinhard Steiner, and many more…

Thanks guys for the opportunity! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of your future plans and projects!!!


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