Music video “One Year From Now” supporting Suicide Prevention

In one year, a lot can change.
„What did I tell you – one year just passed by“

For many people, this last year has been particularly difficult as they have had to increasingly struggle with existential fears, loneliness, depression and other mental health issues.
In the song “One Year From Now” by MR-9 (vocals: Mel Verez, bass: Rue Kostron), the duo wants to give those living with mental health issues a voice and to shed light on the subject of suicide, or at least to pay more attention to it.

“It is important to us to give people a positive message with this song, as well as to give them consolation, hope, strength and the courage to not give up!
To raise awareness in society, break the stigma around therapy, and generate awareness for mental illness.
We want to educate people with prejudices.
Hopelessness, fear, and loneliness are also temporary states that do not last.
If only one person at risk of suicide finds their way back to life and love through our song, or if people question their prejudices about mental illnesses and change their minds, THEN our work has paid off!”

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with this world because so much can go on in your mind that you can no longer make sense of what is up or down.
Which often doesn’t help to make interpersonal situations any easier.
So if you can relate and are reading this post, then I hope that with this project, we have been able to help you in some way!
And always remember:
There is a solution for everything. The important thing is to talk to the “right” people about it.

By the way, the video was directed by Chiara Schreder, an incredibly talented woman who is continuously dedicated to skilfully and vividly portraying socially critical topics to an audience.
In the foreseeable future, you can also find me shooting the short film “Puppert” with her.

„One Year from Now“ is already available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, as well as on Spotify and the video can be seen on YouTube.

Artist: MR-9 (Gesang: Mel Verez, Bass: Rue Kostron)
Production: Chiara Schreder
Production Assistant: Lisa Lina Aigner
Director: Chiara Schreder
Camera: Maximilian Hofko
Camera assistent, B-Camera: David Lagger
Gaffer: Juned Khan
Creative consultants: Bianca Bauer, Natalia Brezwan

Cast: Tony Matzl, Darko Vladetic

With friendly support by:
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Suizidprävention
Rat auf Draht
Öffentliches Gesundheitsportal Österreich
Erste Hilfe für die Seele
Auf gesunde Nachbarschaft!

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