Book presentation „Superpony Murphy: Ein Held auf vier Hufen“ by JESSE SCHWARZ

I met wonder woman JESSE SCHWARZ in Vienna 2008 on the set of the movie “Sisi” (director and camera: Xaver Schwarzenberger).
During a break we started talking about our professional plans and what each of us wants to achieve in the future.
She dreamed of becoming a presenter one day.
Now, eleven years later, we can look back on a long friendship and Jesse is not only an ORF presenter but also a writer.

Three days ago I received an exciting call from Jesse asking me to support her, alongside ORD Radio NÖ presenter Jennifer Frank and bestselling author Sonja Kaiblinger, in presenting her first book “Superpony Murphy: Ein Held auf vier Hufen / Superpony Murphy: A hero on four hooves”.
The reading took place at Salon Schräg with guests of honour Virginia Ernst, Gary Lux, Lisa Hotwagner, Elisa Malec, Olivia Schwarz, Stephan Mussil, Roman Svabek and many other enthusiastic visitors.

The book is published by Edel Kids Books and is available in all bookstores and online.
The illustrations are from Isabelle Göntgen.

Jesse tells you exactly what the story is about on Youtube 😉

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