Part of the Choir – Andrea Bocelli World Tour 2017

It’s been almost exactly 20 years since I last stood on a stage with such a huge choir and orchestra. This time it was as part of a group of nearly a hundred people. With Marcello Rota (son of Nino Rota) conducting and Andrea Bocelli singing arias such as “Nessun Dorma”, “Time To Say Goodbye” and “Nelle Tue Mani”, it was a breathtaking and overwhelming experience.

To be part of this collective and to perform for 7000 people in an open air concert at Messe Congress Graz (July the 8th, 2017) and 5000 spectators at the TipsArena Linz (July the 9th, 2017) was an indescribable experience for me.
Goosebumps and endless gratitude were the biggest reward.

Special thanks to Florian Reithner, the choirmaster and former Vienna Boys Choir colleague, who hired me and skillfully prepared the choir.

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