Naked Kitchen

In August 2017 I was asked by Nicolai Reimond, organizer of the “Naked Kitchen“, if I would like to present his event and to accompany it with vocals.

Now the first question is: “What is Naked Kitchen?”

This event is a “bare” location such as vault room, car workshop, porcelain manufacturer, etc., where a 5-course menu from some of the best chefs is prepared directly on site.

Of course, I also wanted to taste the culinary offerings to ensure the chefs knew their stuff and finally on the 8th, 9th and 10th of september, together with the international Deejay SUGARSTARRin the tractor factory Vienna in the 21st district, we were able to bring the party vibe where guests were able to show off their best dance moves.

Photos by Philipp Lipiarski

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