Music video MY UGLY CLEMENTINE “Never Be Yours”

The first single and accompanying music video from MY UGLY CLEMENTINE are on the market. “Never Be Yours” is the name of the track from four Austrian singers that you may already know from bands like LEYYA, SCHMIEDS PULS and KEROSIN95. Most of whom are found on the INK MUSIC label.

By the way: I’m playing the crazy receptionist at the record store.

Check out the following link to watch the video, buy the song or get an overview of the band:


Cast: Christoph Rohner, Ino Matsou, Tony Matzl, Christian Holzmann, Sophie Lindinger, Mira Lu Kovacs, Kathrin Kolleritsch, Christina Wehringer, Constanze Winkler, Sofia Riebenbauer and many more

Director: Christian Fischer and  Sophie Lindinger

Camera: René Rodlauer 

Production: My Ugly Clementine, Julia Zisser

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