Aldi Süd commercial gets 6.7 million views on Tik Tok after just 3 days

YES, we were a terrific team and had a lot of fun too! ?
Naturally, this is reflected in the new Aldi Süd commercial, as the spot achieved 6.7 million clicks within just three days on Tik Tok and 3 million on YouTube.
Other short spots can also be seen on Instagram and Tik Tok.
The commercial was shot in Mühlheim an der Ruhr, where the largest Aldi Süd store in the world is located and where I, as the store manager, was able to make my plans for Tik Toker Shirli, Ken and the Elevator Boys (Bene Schulz, Tim Schäcker).

I am grateful that I was again able to work with the incredibly creative and down-to-earth director Niels Münter, who also suggested me for this role and once again placed his trust in me. I also had the honor to stand in front of the camera of Juhani Zebra again, who put me in the right light with all the other great people of this film team.

Client: Aldi Süd (Jessica Wieczorek, Ann-Christine Schön, Isabell Hückelheim)

Agency: Dojo Productions GmbH (Dominic Czaja, Tony Ziebetzki, Daniel Zimmermann, Milana Marks, Jan Thieltges, Stephanie Eser, Cyrielle Coupez)

Production: Dojo Productions GmbH (Steffi Seinig, Mac Kretschmer)

Director: Niels Münter

Assistant Director: Marie Herr

DoP: Juhani Zebra

1. Camera Assistent: Dennis Glomm

DIT / Videooperator: Ronny Langer

Grip: Malte Kneib

Gaffer: Thilo Erward

Electritian 1: Fritz Willner

Electritian 2: Marvin Hillebrand

Laser Operator: Timo Schwierzek

Production Design: Babs Tarabczynski, Martin Schacker, Lee-Roy Steiner

Sound: Kai Czerwonka

Sound Studio (Austria): Lenzelot (Lawrence Karla)

Make-Up: Heike Dreesen

Styling: Petra Callea

Set Manager: Thorben Lembke

Catering: Streetkitchen Catering

Cast: Tony Matzl, Shirli Miller, Kenneth Chabra, Elevator Boys (Bene Schulz, Tim Schäcker)

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